Today was about hope and hope is such an alluring thing. You try to turn away from it and tell yourself you know better, that it will all end in disappointment, but you always turn back for one more look thinking perhaps this time. Thousands, of mainly young, people waiting patiently in light spring rain for the leader of a political party is something rarely seen in recent years, in this country; the fact that he has four decades on most of the crowd (and I’m not far behind him) didn’t matter; that the crowd was  full of different genders and sexualities and people from different communities, didn’t matter. They, we, all wanted to hear that there is still a vision of unity and togetherness to cling to in these vicious and divisive times. And there is. But these things are not won, or retained by chance. They need to be fought for. It is important for hope to continue to flourish that each lie is challenged, every time, every day. Then all those little victories can mount up. For the many. The alternative is too damaging and too frightening to contemplate.


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