What is there to say? Another atrocity, another night’s demonstration of the fantastic skills, bravery and simply “giving a damn” by the emergency services – who, lest we forget have been denied pay rises for 7 or 8 years, seen their numbers reduced while the work they do has not and have warned of the consequences of this reduction, numerous times to those in power…but when there’s a buck to be made and squirrelled away in the Cayman Islands, then who needs to listen to these worry worts. And so of course there follows the tabloid frenzy and people wanting “something done about it”.

Some suggestions, for “things” to do “about it”: spend the money we have (as the 5th largest economy) on public services, which includes all the investigative resources our police/security forces obviously need in such times rather than on tax breaks for your already obscenely rich mates; listen to the communities when they give you a tip off…they are trying to hold up their end of the deal; and stop demonising them, they die in these attacks too; stop doing deals with dodgy fuckers who run dodgy regimes and most of all stop selling them arms by the ton (as Bill Hicks once said, “how did you know what bombs they were using? We kept the receipts”); stop raising your skirts in horror at the idea of someone who is running for power who doesn’t think the first answer to any problem is to drop bombs (huge fuck off bombs at that) – note to some of the audience on the recent “leaders Question Time”, if we’d have nuked the places the recent bombers/attackers came from and the of 7/7 we’d have wiped out about a quarter of our own populace.

“Enough is enough”, if by “enough” you mean, hypocrisy, bigotry, little Englander racism, hate-mongering and general refusal to understand facts when they slap you in the face.

Fuck’s Sake!

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