It’s not as if…

It’s not as if our cash for questions MPs are generally on the rob

because they can’t get by on the salary from just the one city job


It’s not as if our welfare systems, fare less well for ever greater numbers

While they give boardroom jobs to tax dodgers and hedge funders


It’s not as if families are using food banks, or are forced onto the streets

While second homes get tax breaks stand empty behind locked gates.


It’s not as if politicians still play the immigration card in this day and age

Ignoring money-grabbing bosses who refuse to pay a living wage


It’s not as if the police tried to hide atrocities by concocting vicious fictions,

Selling their lies to the complicit tabloids, before retiring on full pensions


It’s not as if they are selling off the NHS, telling us that these are difficult times

Making the elderly and sick pay the price for the bankers and their crimes


So, it’s not as if come June the eighth you won’t know what to do

Vote for love   vote for hope   vote for the many and not the few


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