Spent some of yesterday evening at a Yacht Club 60 miles from the coast; the Outlaw Yacht Club which sounds like it should be based on Stone Creek rather than opposite Leeds Bus Station. It was a party to celebrate the winning of the Saboteur award for Anthology of the Year for Remembering Oluwale, a lovely collection of short stories and poetry by many local stars as well as some national names (who wouldn’t be proud to appear alongside Linton Kwesi Johnson?). Named for David Oluwale a Nigerian national who lived in Leeds in the 50s and 60s, suffered many privations and found himself in difficulties with the establishment, often due to the racist attitudes at the time. His body was fished from the River Aire. Two policemen were found guilty of assault of Oluwale, but not of causing his death whether deliberately or not – for more info see http://www.rememberoluwale.org

But at least now, 50 years on, we can be reassured that things are different, because yesterday UKIP told us that racism has been banned in this country, presumably they have just replaced it with a straight forward hatred of anyone not English, to avoid confusion.

Buy the anthology, you won’t regret it.


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