Waking again to more horror and what is worse is that this time it was predictable and it was avoidable: how do people continue to to vote for people who put less value on a life than they do on the profit margin. It is a view of life that eludes me and disgusts me. Which leads me nicely onto my MP, a landlord, who filibustered the paper trying to ensure certain legal minimum standards for rented accommodation – standards of decency and safety…arguing, that it would clip his entrepreneurial wings. What a bastard. He is not alone I’m sure, but what a bastard! Vote for me and see your family die a horrible death.

…and then Little Timmy Farron…if that wasn’t the weirdest reason to step down, because people kept pointing out that his desire to be deeply Christian and tolerant wasn’t being all that well evidenced by his rampant homophobia. And to do this today.

Both of these wankers got re-elected.

And just remember the next time some bellows “it’s Health and Safety gone mad I tell you…” slap them; the world will owe you a pint.

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