day spent in reflection on things under the surface while going through the motions doing the usual business of being alive being in work eating a sandwich at dinner time answering the phone and staring at emails (and wondering when they became the great screaming banshee of the workplace that demands your attention so much such that when you are only half way through thinking about the email in front of you another one lands on top of it making an even greater noise and your previous thinking stops and your new thinking has to take over and wondering when on earth do I ever get anything done or anything finished and what happened to patience and the phone rings and the person on the other end says have you seen the email I just sent you…) catching the train there and back brushing your teeth twice and all the while your subconscious churns it weary way through the real business that is bothering you…I’m not even that good at sleeping any more…is it any wonder we are totally strung out…

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