The paper anniversary of the day we were told that the country had voted by a slim majority of those who cast a vote, to leave the EU.

Since then, we have not left the EU although we have started the process that will see us do so in less than two years. Since then, hate crimes have risen while the pound has fallen. Since then, we have used EU nationals who live and work here as pawns while claiming that the EU should stop using UK nationals who live and work there as pawns. Since then, the number of people from the EU registering to train as nurses has fallen while the need for trained medical professionals is soaring. Since then, we have seen our judiciary “take back” some of the powers it allegedly didn’t have and in doing so they found that Parliament must be sovereign, only to be called traitors by those claiming that we must take our country back. Since then, our farmers are worried that fruit will rot on trees and other produce in the ground, as they do not have enough workers to run their harvests, while one million British nationals use food banks every year. Since then, there has been no more talk of the 350 million pounds per week for the NHS because it was a lie. Since then, young people have become more engaged realising that politics will be done unto them, unless they do politics themselves. Since then, the Grenfell Tower manslaughter happened while some clamoured for the “bonfire of regulations” that Brexit would bring. Since then, Turkey hasn’t joined. Since then, we have become the laughing stock. Since then, our island has grown smaller in the eyes of the world.

Since then, we have had an election called by a government wanting to strengthen its hand in the coming Brexit negotiations, instead the country appeared to be less than convinced that it was a good idea to keep the seat belt on as the car raced towards the cliff. Since then…

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