Seriously, no one wants to see King Charles; even Harry wants out.

Loving the way that the news about the Queen’s 8% pay rise is “ameliorated” by journalists quickly finishing the sentence with, “of course much of this rise is explained by the increasing profitability of the crown estates.” That would be some of the most agriculturally rich plots in the country, great swathes of land held in perpetuity for one family born to it by chance, farmed with undoubtedly some of the best advice, access to the best breeding stock, probably by lots of people not paid all that much, probably living in tied accommodation – you know lets not pretend they start each year with a patch of scrubland, a hand full of beans and a swayback cow.

We need to grow up as a nation; that we are not a republic in the 21 century is mind-boggling; there is no part of me that will ever accept the idea that someone is “born better” than someone else.

In a world where Grenfell Tower can happen it makes a hideous, brutal reality of our fairytale.

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