There really isn’t an easy way to talk about child abuse…so I’m going to tread really carefully in an area where I have no knowledge or expertise…but sometimes you are pressed up against some “thing” or “circumstance” that really beggars belief. Channel 4 news leads with the story that 700+ people who were abused as under 16 years of age, thus legally children and unable to consent by law, have been told by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority that they are not due any criminal injuries compensation because they “didn’t resist enough” or in some cases “may have been complicit” (when forced to watch others being abused and not putting up a fight) others “may have given consent”.

These young peoples’ cases have been tried by a jury, in a court of law, the prosecutions were successful and the judge has passed sentence on the accused. In what world does a pen-pusher of some description, get to set a higher bar of proof than the court of the land?

I am genuinely dumbstruck by the mind-bludgeoning callousness of this.


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