from Olga Yakovlevna Omelchenko’s testimony in The Unwomanly Face of War, she was a medical assistant to an infantry company:

“Then the battle began again…at Sevsk the Germans attacked us seven or eight times a day. So that day I carried the wounded with their weapons. When I crawled to the last one his arm was completely smashed. Hanging by little pieces…by the sinews. He was all bloody…his arm had to be urgently amputated and bandaged…but I had no knife or scissors…what was I to do? I bit his flesh off with my teeth. I bit it off and bandaged him…I was bandaging and the wounded man said, “Make it quick nurse, I’ll go a fight some more…”

Bella Isaakovna Epstein, a sniper:

“All I remember is the road…advancing, retreating…in one German village we were billeted for the night in a castle…so many rooms and wardrobes filled with beautiful clothes…each girl chose a dress…we were so tired. We put these dresses on and went to bed.

later…in a milliner’s shop each girl chose a hat for herself and slept all night sitting, ss as to wear the hat at least for a little while. In the morning we got up, took a last look in the mirror…took everything off and put on our army shirts and trousers. We never took anything. On the road even a needle is heavy.”

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