It was my good fortune that the weather yesterday prevented me riding my bike home, making me catch the train instead. On the train I got chatting to a newly qualified guard – 3 and a half months of intensive training. Learning safety protocols, learning his routes and all about the stations (which ones have curved platforms, which have bits hidden from view by bridges etc…and what you have to do in each scenario to ensure safe dis/embarkation), what to do in emergencies, First Aid and general H&S. He was very keen and full of his new job…and we agreed that he wasn’t “just a ticket seller” and that it would be extremely difficult for any sane person to believe that a driver on their own could operate a train with anything like the same regard for basic passenger safety. Leave aside all the other “non-essential” bits like customers feeling safer when they can see a uniformed presence (funny how the logic works on the streets but not on the trains), especially women travelling alone/late into the evening.

The latest in a series of no brain ideas from a bunch of people who see the world only through the prism of the bottom line.


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