“The great American eclipse?” A description of how Donald J Trump positioned himself between the people and rational thought; the former obscuring the latter?

We watched the August 1999 eclipse standing outside work – everyone stopped, god knows what business got done for that half hour or so – standing outside the huge glass and concrete brutalist monstrosity that housed our offices at the time – rumours to the effect that it was used for part of the backdrop for Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange are still merrily peddled at freshers fairs – it was a nightmare to work in – too hot in the summer, stuffy and airless all year long, but this once, the mirrored glass was perfect…we stood backs to the sun (we had been cautioned to be careful of permanent blindness) and watched the whole thing move the wrong way across the building. The darkness was eerie and the silence of the birdlife unsettling.

Funny enough, we were able to predict that it would happen when it did due to science. like…facts and shit. Real facts. 2017 and we have to say this…unbelievable…are they still places where we prove a woman isn’t a witch by drowning her..?

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