BELL POTTINGER:  I was unaware of the name until today, but they are a PR company or, according to their website;

“a leading integrated international reputation management agency. We help shape our clients’ reputations, engage with diverse stakeholders across multiple channels, tell effective stories and run creative campaigns to enhance their brand and deliver commercial success.”

Which is an awful long way to round the houses to say we will defend the indefensible (shape our clients’ reputations), create cover stories to “show the other side” of murderous dictators (engage with diverse stakeholders) and ensure that the truth about these bastards gets buried so far underground as to rarely see the light of day through planting snow jobs in rags like the Daily Mail that won’t cast a critical eye over the press release (tell effective stories) allowing them to go on trampling over the local population wherever they want to do their dirty work (enhance their brand and deliver commercial success). All for contracts worth multi-millions.

Clients have included: General Pinochet; Lukaschencko of Belarus; BAE, particularly around the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia; Asma Assad; and a promotional video for the US government and the benefits of their occupation of Iraq.

The saddest thing about this whole farrago is that when their clients leave because they are shown to be nasty, unscrupulous bastards, there will be 10 more companies wanting to take on the business that they lose. Ah capitalism..!

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