Taking our country back. It will be easier to trade once we are rid of all those pesky European rules and restrictions, from The Guardian this morning:

“One of Northern Ireland’s largest employers faces paying a punitive tariff on its exports of passenger jets to the US after losing the first stage of an international trade dispute.

The US Department of Commerce ruled in favour of Boeing in its legal battle with Bombardier, prompting fears in Northern Ireland that aerospace jobs in the region could be in peril.

An interim tariff of of 219.63% has been proposed on sales of Bombardier’s C-Series jet to the US airline Delta.

Boeing took its Canadian plane-making rival to court in the US, alleging it had received unfair, anti-competitive state support from the Quebec regional government.”

Note, that Boeing weren’t involved in the original bid, it wasn’t that they weren’t successful through the selection process, they just don’t like this and as an aside if it puts a competitor out of business, well c’est la vie.

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