Occasional series of things not called poetry but that probably are (or at least poetic): Blade Runner 2049 (3D) – absolutely blown away by this; the atmosphere is immersive; the effects stunning; the conflict between what is life and its simulacrum is beautifully at the centre of this, just as in the original; the fake snow, is so fake that it is more beautiful than the real stuff could possibly be and the fact that it is like that in this film, makes it perfect snow; the sad eyes of Ryan Gosling; the almost totally destroyed world; advertising holograms 30 storeys high; Luv, the killer replicant; holding back the sea; Harrison Ford’s face; the soul-crushingly beautiful photography; the early scene/fight in the farmer’s shack…intense and claustrophobic; the perfection of the Elvis hologram still playing Las Vegas…

Possibly the perfect sci-fi movie. At its heart human sadness and trying to redeem human folly, in teeming rain (and snow).

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