…at this point, we probably need to talk about Leeds United. I can’t believe its taken this long frankly.

They’re my team. You only get one. You might flirt with others or politely take an interest if cajoled. But you only get one team. The one when it matters. If you have a team, you understand. If you don’t. You don’t.

You don’t swap this team. Ever.

And for the sake of clarity, because this confusion often arises amongst generalists, no, I don’t support England. I live in England; I support Leeds Utd. No, its not all just football, its either Leeds playing or it isn’t.

I may occasionally admire another team’s play – Iceland in the Euros; Spain and Barcelona (separatists will just have to forgive that unholy cohabitation in a sentence for once) of about 5 years ago; some of the Dutch national teams; when the Republic beat Italy in America; the Brazil of Socrates – but it is occasional and it is an admiration. It passes.

I dare say this is true of other sports but I’m not really bothered if it is because Leeds play football.

There is only one beautiful game.

And there’s only been one time in history when Tony Yeboah caught that volley.


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