Always behind…these days…always behind.

Thursday evening and a quick dash to the Brudenell to see Galaxians play a free set, throwing in an Lp launch, a ‘start of tour’ party and some free cake. Totally new music to me; think some mid-point between Philly Soul, “Groove is in the Heart”, and the music behind “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and you’re part of the way there…which is not bad going for a drummer, a keyboard player and a singer…the physical Lp is a thing of beauty.

Friday night…and a deeply depressing gig by The Fall. Not for all the usual reasons, before the joke trickles in.

Saturday and a foolhardy drive over the Pennines to be involved in some poetry. The one hour drive took almost two: high winds, driving rain and standing water on the motorway meant; people driving slowly, erratically, occasionally swerving under a massive side-blast of wind…you think Saddleworth is bleak at the best of times…and every now and then the police shutting down lanes due to large puddles of standing water. Once the outer ring road of Manchester was reached, then the traffic jams began.

Just as well that the poetry was awesome, the mighty Leeds Utd had warmed my heart with a three nil away victory earlier that day and I had a bottle of Connemara at home.


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