Isolation read #4

Korede is a nurse in Lagos. She is used to bodies: ill bodies, broken bodies, dead bodies. Which is just as well because her younger, devastatingly beautiful sister Ayoola has an unfortunate talent for ‘losing’ boyfriends and then ringing Korede to come and help her clean up…

Because Ayoola is so beautiful, no one can quite bring themselves to believe that she is to blame for the disappearances of these men, least of all the sisters’ mother who would rather blame the guiltless, but plain nurse, when the police come calling.

The writing is economical but vivid: life in Nigeria/Lagos is shown in brief but glorious flashes. And who would have thought that a patient in a coma could remember so much of that was said to them at their bedside…

Its funny, sharp, original, macabre and a quick quick read

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