Isolation Read #19

(Disclaimer: Joe is a friend)

Rather brilliantly Joe Williams has taken two ‘scripts’ sent to every household in the country in April this year – a letter from the Prime Minister and an accompanying leaflet of advice on how to best try and secure yourself and your family against the Coronavirus which was about to sweep through the UK making us, at the time of writing, one of worst affected (and least prepared) nations on Earth – and he has redacted the hell out of it.

What is left is mainly blank: twelve pages, mainly blank.

There is a meta-thing going on here. Much more is kept from us than we are allowed to see.

What is left is a disarticulation of message…a stuttering and spluttering that occasionally forms itself into partial sentences…partial sense…and sometimes it is ominous. Not just in the how but also in the content. In fact, if you read it aloud, it sounds eerily like the Prime Minister trying to answer a difficult question, you just need to throw in the odd “crikey…I say” here and there.

It is funny, in a gallows humour way and it is repetitive and funny, and it is funny because it is repetitive: in an ideal world this would be read over a droning industrial beat by Mark E Smith. But we’re not in an ideal world because the ideal world receded over the horizon long ago. And of course, Mr Smith is no longer with us. These two things may not be related.

We’re in a mess. Ever wonder why.




The price is £4, just go to,

Or you can pester him on FaceBook: Joe Williams: Writer, Poet, Performer


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