Isolation Read #60


Helen had seen it. She had. She had seen it. Not only how he had fuckt things up in the past but how he was gone fuck them up in the future, that was what she had seen. Fucking plain as the nose on yer face, she had seen right through him. It’s funny how people do that: all kinds of people. Ye wind up with nowhere to go,

backed into a corner, held up there in full view, and ye’re exhausted, ye don’t want to be held up there in full view but fuck sake man what chance ye got ye’re in trouble, ye’re bang in trouble man deep shit, know what I’m saying, fuck sake, what do ye do, what do ye fucking do! ye move, ye fucking move, ye get off yer fucking mark, off ski, ye just fucking

get to fuck man know what I mean just get to fuck, out, off, gone – cause this time he really was fuckt.

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