Freedom Read #112

There are some authors you always enjoy and nearly always forget that you always enjoy: for me, Alan Warner is one of those.

This is a book I picked up some 20-25 years ago. Read it, loved it and put it on the shelf. In the need of a ‘lighter’ read a few days ago, I picked it up again, having remembered basically, that it was a bunch of school girls somewhere between 14-16 years old, from “the Port” (Oban), in a choir taking part in a national competition in Edinburgh. And they cut loose in the city. They get puking drunk, have sex, worry about having sex / not having sex, take drugs, ‘encounter’ the police, shoplift, in fact pretty much everything except take part in the singing competition. Their teachers and chaperones – nuns – are not amused / are utterly despairing.

It is hilarious but there are also some poignant truths that the girls spill to each other…and of course, one of them may or may not be the 18th pregnancy in the school that year.

It is Derry Girls before the Derry Girls were a twinkle in a writer’s eye, except in Scotland.

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