Freedom Read #114

This is a delightfully vicious little book. The writing sharp as a talon.

Lucy has a husband Jake, and two young boys – Paddy and Ted. They live a normal suburban life.

One morning a stranger rings Lucy, introduces himself and tells her “Your husband – Jake – is sleeping with my wife. I found out today. I thought you ought to know.”

The woman in question is Vanessa, a colleague of Jake.

After the expected fury, swearing and lashing out, Lucy and Jake settle on the arrangement that Lucy can ‘get her own back’, three times and no more, then that will be an end to it.

We don’t know what Jake expected that to mean – perhaps that Lucy would get a free pass for three infidelities, who knows – but I doubt he expected what he got.

I won’t say any more, for fear of spoiling it, except that Lucy studied Classics, hence the appearance of the Harpy, which runs through the book in italicised side-chapters.

The book is sharply and sparsely, written. A quick 190 pages or so. We do not hear from Jake’s side, this is Lucy’s story.

A warning: there is blood!

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