Read #136

This is a blast. Written over 7 days, and covering 7 days in the narrative. This was Myers’ first novel.

It reads like a benzedrine fuelled mash-up of Bukowski’s Pulp (itself a deliberate take / take-down of the “noir-gumshoe-private eye” type of novel) and M John Harrison’s The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again: an altogether more serious novel, which seems to me to live in a similar world.

The plot very basically being some struggling music journalist is given an assignment by an editor to track down and interview, the elusive “God of Fuck” – a very thinly disguised Marilyn Manson figure (as this was written in 2000, it was completed well before all the real-life horror stories of Manson came to light – they may well have been known by some…who can say).

The book’s a ride, a belter and won’t detain you long – not because it is bad, just because it is a surprisingly quick read. Great for when you want to plunge into a different hungover, cockroach-infested place for a few hours.

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