Sometimes you wake up and know that the day is “yes”, and at other times it is just a “no”. Its hard to shake off the days that you wake thinking “no”. You sort of know that you’ll miss the train by a couple of minutes, you’ll hear some people (probably a couple) shouting at each other while everyone in ear shot will try and look and look like they haven’t heard a thing, a stupid question/answer will arise at work that will set people off up loads of dead-ends of wasted energy, the weather will never be quite right for what you’re wearing, or vice-versa, you’ll forget the important ingredient for the evening meal and you’ll fall asleep half an hour before you go bed missing the end of the film and when you get to bed you’ll toss and turn for a couple of hours unable to get to sleep. Then eventually you’ll wake up again…or not.

Good morning!

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